Why buying a TV stand ?

Do you want a TV stand that matches your desires and your interior ? Indeed, many homes organize the development of their living room or stay around the television, which can sometimes be expensive. The sofas and armchairs are installed according to the location of the TV and a fortiori the furniture that supports it. Follow the advice of pro: size, design, price ... And make your TV corner beautiful and welcoming. You dream of a shabbyc chic tv unit ? Or maybe you prefer scandinavian tv unit ? What about a low tv unit or retro tv unit ? Before choosing some relections need to be led.

Arrangment of TV stand

Living room furniture

The arrangement of the TV stand depends on the orientation to be given to the TV :

  • The distance between the seat (sofa, chair) and the screen, which is at least 6 times the diagonal of the screen, although in modern interiors it is difficult to implement.
  • It is also advisable to leave at least 1 meter between the TV cabinet and the coffee table.
  • The brightness and lighting of the room, to choose rather soft than too intense, which makes the picture pale.
  • The location of the windows, because we must not put the screen in front of the risk of having nasty reflections.
  • Comfort in use, so you do not have to turn your head to look at the screen, etc.

The aesthetics and functions of the TV stand

A lot of styles exist, whether the furniture is wood, metal or glass. Some will prefer retro tv stand or vintage tv stand, others will prefer wood and metal tv stand, it only depends on you. The shapes can be straight or more rounded. Other TV cabinets curl to match the new curved screens. Some are very sober to highlight the TV.

The TV stand is often in keeping with the rest of the decor of the room and especially the coffee table. Besides, the two complement each other at the level of their functions. We can have a drawer for remotes in the coffee table for example for more ergonomics.